P45_Schnd80mm_f11 - FlyAndSnail_1P65_Schnd80mm_f11 - FlySide [15-inch-Ex] - 10 pixel radius

This post is the culmination of six months worth of research, experimentation, and refinement into high-magnification macro photography. Taking pictures of extremely small objects with extremely high resolution systems is an incredibly technical endeavor with great challenges and even greater rewards.

I’ll be posting an article for my readers interested in the nitty-gritty of the techniques and equipment used for this work.

P30_Schnd50mm_f4p5 [PPT] - FlyHead_1P65_Schnd80mm_f11 - FlyMamiyaLensCap [7-inch-Ex]

P30_Phase80mmR_f8-MacroRail - STK_1P65_Mamiya45mmR_f9p5 - FlySideTexture_1

P30_Schnd50mm_f4p5 - FlyHeadBodyBlueGel (PPT) - 0140_1

P30_Schnd-50mm_f4p5 - Flop-01

P30_Schnd-50mm_f4p5 - gear-02P65_Schnd80mm_f11 - Bark