Abandoned House Shoot

The Team:

Very few high end photographers work alone. It can take an entire team of talent, assistants, and production agents to accomplish a single finished image. This weekend I was very fortunate to be part of an amazing team photographing fashion in South Beach. The makeup artist and wardrobe-coordinator/stylist did a wonderful job of creating a look for the models that either contrasted or complimented the grungy look of the location. The three photographers (myself included) traded off shooting and assisting. Below is the team as captured by Tom and I at the end of the night. The room we are in was completely dark, which allowed for easy light painting. In light painting you leave the camera open and use a flashlight (or strobe, candle, or whatever) to paint light on. In this case I ran through the frame like a mad man waving an LED flashlight which I then tossed to Tom so that I could be included.


From left to right are: Julia Kreibich [Stylist], Scarlet Fernadez [Model], me, Claudia Davila [Model], Tom Laveuf [Photographer], Lauren Coleman [Makeup], Krista Leger [Photographer].

The Location:

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My Results, Claudia:

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My Results, Scarlet:


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