Bodyscape Social Selection

I need your help!

The named bodyscapes below are part of my permanent collection. The bodyscapes named “candidates” are being considered for my permanent collection.

Please leave a COMMENT below with the name of the candidate you think best deserves to be included in the permanent collection.

31 responses to “Bodyscape Social Selection”

  1. I like candidate 8 and 10. They look daunting. I have the urge to let out a big sigh as if I had just reached a summit just to see so much more ground ahead.

    I also like candidate 15. It invokes the anxiety in me. I want to see what’s on the other side! A moonlit mountain pool? A sudden drop? What!

  2. 7, 8, 13 or 14. You already have a lot of butts and boobs, I think you should go for something different from what you’ve got to prove you can create striking images from less obvious contours.

  3. I like 8 the best, followed by 9 and 13. I think they show the most diversity in your work, your talent for making a body look like a true landscape. Not to mention that the lighting in 8 is spectacular.

  4. candidate 2 and candidate 5 are my favorites. They are all beautiful but these two stick out to me ! nice work doug!! I also do love the breaking wave one!

  5. 3, 5, and 15 – although 15 is my favorite because it is different then anything in the current collection.

  6. You know I enjoy all your works, but if I have to pick favorites then I especially like:

    Japanese Daybreak
    Candidate 5
    Candidate 3
    Two Ridges

  7. 1,6,8…. movement is graceful, yet strong…. lighting is gorgeous, abstract and creative perspective while still allowing you to see what the subject is… amazing work as always!

  8. Wow, these are lovely!

    I like the subtly of Breaking Wave and sensuality of texture of candidate 9 the best.

  9. rolling moonlight, spider valley, lunar reorientation, c1, c6, & c9.
    If I had to pick 3: rolling moonlight, c6, & c9. If I could pick 4 which makes no photographic sense I’d add c1. :)

  10. I like:

    Breaking Wave
    Simplified Haiku
    Candidate 5

    I think these are the images that are most subtle and portray the human form as an abstraction, or landscape. Great work!

  11. (My opinion of) The current candidates for promotion:
    Candidate 02, 08, 10

    with strong contender(s):
    Candidate 13, 14, 03

  12. Closing the Tallies!

    c12: 7 votes
    c8: 7 votes
    c3: 6 votes
    c6: 6 votes
    c13: 6 votes
    c2: 5 votes
    c4: 4 votes
    c5: 4 votes
    c10: 4 votes
    c14: 4 votes
    c9: 3 votes
    c15: 3 votes
    c17: 3 votes
    c1: 2 votes
    c7: 2 votes

  13. Beautiful work Doug! Your eye for art is amazing! I like Fault Line, Breaking Wave 2, Unreflected, and Canadate 4 & 6 the best! Great job!

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