Bodyscapes Continued

I planned on completing my bodyscape collection selection after my Bodyscape Social Selection post. However, new ideas for bodyscapes kept coming to mind, so I decided on two more shoots to help round out the collection. This is the first of those two shoots.

11 responses to “Bodyscapes Continued”

  1. wow, i was going to say 21 and 25…i guess i’m still saying 21 and 25, but apparently Ryan and I have the same taste?

    his names sound pretty good too…i got nothin for names

    21 i would call “swisshy swoosh”

    these are beautiful really. I really admire that you are truckin through these and gettin’em done still so tastefully and beautifully.

  2. 21, 24, and 27.

    21 is just plain cool because it’s so abstract, but at the same time I like 24 because it has an element that orients you in reality while still being tastefully done. 27 is a nice mix of those two.

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