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  • Charity Event

    Charity Event

    My friend Julia, owner of Pearl and Company, was the stylist for Patxi Pastor Band at a charity event to help a Miami marine biology magnet school. Each member of the band has accolades, awards, and achievements in spades, but with the millions of viewers the face most likely to j0g memories is Christina who…

  • Portrait Color Styles

    Portrait Color Styles

    Back when I worked primarily with film and a darkroom the options to style a finished image were relatively limited. Color palets were mostly a function of film type, the contrast and natural coloring a function of the paper, and toning could only be accomplished by chemical agents like Selenium, red wine, bleaching, and adjustments to…

  • Jetty at the Beach

    Jetty at the Beach

    A casual Friday sunset shoot at the Jetty.

  • Leaps and Bounds

    Leaps and Bounds

    My favorite dance shoot by leaps and bounds.

  • Moab: Losing my Leica Virginity

    Leica is a treasured and storied name in photography, having an illustrious past and a following akin to religious fanatical or Apple fans. I made it over a decade in photography without holding a single Leica camera in my hands. During this trip to Moab I had the privilege of shooting a Leica M8 Mark…

  • 32 Megapixel Pinholes

    32 Megapixel Pinholes

    Pinhole photography is one of the oldest and truest forms of photography. Rather than a lens, a hole is used to project the image onto a light sensitive medium (film or digital). It’s really that simple. More often than not when you see work from a pinhole image shown in a gallery it is from…

  • Botanical Gardens, or Jurassic Park?

    Botanical Gardens, or Jurassic Park?

    My friend Stu Baserman and I went to the Botanical Gardens together. We were both shooting pretty unusual photo equipment. Pictured below is Stu with his Cambo Wide DS Technical Body and Phase One P45+ Digital Back with Rodenstock 35mm Large Format lens. I was shooting a similar Horseman SWD Pro II with a Infrared-Modified…

  • OSU vs OU

    OSU vs OU

    I prefer to remember this game as it was in the middle of the third quarter: OSU 12, OU 14. I had the great opportunity to see my Ohio University Bobcats take on the 3rd best team in the country, Ohio State. Thanks to Dr. Richard Suk for getting me an all access press pass…

  • My Newphew

    My Newphew

    This year I became a proud uncle. My sister lives up in Virginia, so I don’t get to visit very often. After the break are some photos from an improvised photo shoot we had inbetween feedings and trips to the bars.

  • Dave Gallagher’s 40th Birthday Party

    Dave Gallagher’s 40th Birthday Party

    This weekend I flew to Atlanta to celebrate the 40th birthday of my good friend and colleague Dave Gallagher. The festivities were orchestrated by his beautiful wife Christine. Her expertise as a wedding photographer and her exquisite taste showed in the wonderful attention to detail. In the end of course it is the people, and…