GetDPI AZ Workshop: Curse the Sky

Landscape photography is all about composition and light. After all the subject isn’t going anywhere. The mountains, rocks, and canyons have been there for millennium and will be there for millennium to come. When the light isn’t right the frustration can be hair-pulling. Since there are often only a few days in the entire workshop a single bad day for light often means hours of “wasted” driving and setup.

But when life gives you rain, make rain-aid. The below shot of the rain was taken at the Horseshoe Canyon; while not as colorful and dynamic as the shot I arrived to take I think it does hold meaning. Photography is many things to many people; to me the best photography evokes an emotion.

This image is a metaphor for all the frustration and disappointment of real life. Each drop is a set back and the out of focus clouds are that hard-to-shake vague sense of impending doom often found in the depravity of modern life.




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