High Key Fashion

Our assignment: High Key fashion using a piece of fabric and a model.

____-Key refers to the range of tones in the image. A High-Key image is predominately gray-to-white in tones, while a Low-Key image is predominately black-to-gray in tones.

This was not an assignment I expected much success out of. I am not a fashionable guy, nor care to be, and I know very little about fabric. However, in the interest of making my semester abroad worthwhile I put forth a good effort.

I came across a model at Uni who had natural red hair and freckles. My roommate was nice enough to take me to a fabric store and we picked out a light blue sheer chiffon and a green satin that would compliment the model’s hair color. I thought of many ideas before the shoot and when the model arrived we went through most of them in good time. I had a very good assistant, who I know from America. She did an excellent job in helping the model pose and arranging the clothing.

For the photographically inclined, here is my lighting diagram:


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