Holga Reincarnation on a Canon

Courtesy of my friend Cameron Davidson I have acquired a Holga lens in a Canon Lens mount (he sent it to me in exchange for the Community Coalition for Haiti which he supports).

Holga is a historical camera which was originally made to be incredibly inexpensive. Many photographers (especially those who began photography before the ultra-clean days of digital) are endeared by the Holga’s soft dreamy appearance.

Canon mount Holga lenses are available from HolgaMods.com.

Because the Canon sensor (it’s “film”) is physically smaller than the medium format film for which the Holga was originally designed the images do not exhibit the characteristic strong vignetting.

Holga - Random Boys Playing in SandHolga - Clouds

Holga - Tom Near Lifeguard Station 2Holga - Tom Near Lifeguard Station


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