Manege Gallery Exhibition

I was honored late last year to have my work shown at the Manege Gallery / Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg Russia. The Curator, Marina Jigarkhanyan, had seen my work in the collection of the Art Photo Expo Gallery and contacted me directly to invite to me to participate in their annual photography exhibition. The 2010 exhibition followed a very broadly defined theme of “Fashion” in which my work fit as a sort of base interpretation. The idea being that the body is the origin of all fashion – without the lines, shapes, and curves of the body there would be little of interest to ornament with clothing and accessories.

The exhibition also gave me an excuse to see Russia for the first time.The highlight of the trip was having the pleasure of dining with Marina and my host at the Russian Vodka Room. We shared our often differing, always strongly held, and mutually respected views of the world – from two very different countries and from two different generations – an experience worth the trip by itself.

The photos below that have my logo water marked on them are my images. The remainder are from the staff of the Manege Gallery who have my appreciation for providing such images to the artists who were exhibiting.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Marina without whom I would have never enjoyed this experience.


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