Now at Art Photo Expo Gallery (Lincoln Rd. South Beach)

I am happy to announce that starting next week prints of these two images will be hanging in the high-end Art Photo Expo Gallery (map | info) on Lincoln Road in South Beach. These are 2 foot by 4 foot black and white prints were exposed on traditional photographic paper, processed chemically, then mounted behind a sheet of photographic grade acrylic, and backed by a sheet of aluminum. The prints are limited to a series of 20 and are available for $2000. You can contact the gallery at or visit in person.

About the Gallery (from

Art Photo Expo Gallery exhibits and sells limited edition fine art photography. Collections are often comprised of works from curated exhibitions and supplemented continually with art works from other international photographer artists. The first Art Photo Expo Gallery opened in 2008 at 910 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida. Additional locations will be coming on the market soon.

About the Series (from Art Photo Expo’s Description):

Doug Peterson’s Bodyscape Series approaches the female figure as a landscape; the lines and curves of delicately lit forms evoke rolling hills, majestic mountains, ocean waves, arctic tundra and other scenes from the natural world. A conscious modernization of the themes of Edward Weston, the Bodyscape series insists that a woman can celebrate the mystery and beauty of her body without accepting sexual objectification.


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