A brief foreword: Downtown Brisbane is called the “City” and is surrounded on 3 sides by the Brisbane River. I live and go to school just across this river to the south in South Bank. Here is a map.

Last night was Brisbane’s Riverfire celebration. Fireworks are launched from the bridges around the city and from several of the tall buildings. I was invited by a friend to view the fireworks from an apartment complex. Since the fireworks are over the downtown area and most of the large buildings in Brisbane are in the downtown area, this tall complex across the river was possibly the best place to view Riverfire! We had Pina Coladas, German beer and watched the show. I’ve seen some good fireworks in my day, but this takes the cake.

Yet another experience I would have loved to have experienced with Anita, my beautiful girlfriend, or with my friends and family.

The pictures pretty much say it all. Of note: The first image shows a very bright streak. Riverfire begins with two F-15 fighter jets buzzing the crowd and then ascending in a perfectly vertical line. They fly with after-burners blazing, and they are loud as hell. The camera was exposing for 5 seconds, hence the single bright point of light becomes a streak.

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