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  • Moab: Black and White Landscape

    Moab: Black and White Landscape

    A set of infrared images, miles from nowhere.

  • Botanical Gardens, or Jurassic Park?

    Botanical Gardens, or Jurassic Park?

    My friend Stu Baserman and I went to the Botanical Gardens together. We were both shooting pretty unusual photo equipment. Pictured below is Stu with his Cambo Wide DS Technical Body and Phase One P45+ Digital Back with Rodenstock 35mm Large Format lens. I was shooting a similar Horseman SWD Pro II with a Infrared-Modified…

  • OSU vs OU

    OSU vs OU

    I prefer to remember this game as it was in the middle of the third quarter: OSU 12, OU 14. I had the great opportunity to see my Ohio University Bobcats take on the 3rd best team in the country, Ohio State. Thanks to Dr. Richard Suk for getting me an all access press pass…

  • An Island of Infrared

    An Island of Infrared

    If a tree is photographed in the woods, but no visible light is used, can you still see it?

  • Whitsundays: Infrared Landscapes

    Whitsundays: Infrared Landscapes

    Australia’s North Coast with the EM spectrum’s right-of-center sliver.