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  • Ramon Headshots

    Ramon Headshots

    A headshot series to show the range of Ramon, actor.

  • Sky Diving

    Sky Diving

    I’ve been sky diving before. Once in Australia and once in Ohio. It’s just as intense the third time. My friend Marcos trying to explain how it felt to be in the air hurtling towards the earth at terminal velocity.

  • Portrait Color Styles

    Portrait Color Styles

    Back when I worked primarily with film and a darkroom the options to style a finished image were relatively limited. Color palets were mostly a function of film type, the contrast and natural coloring a function of the paper, and toning could only be accomplished by chemical agents like┬áSelenium, red wine, bleaching, and adjustments to…

  • Scarlet


    Scarlet and I met in line waiting 4 hours to vote early in the 2008 presidential election. The conversation turned to modeling, and a shoot this Sunday was the result. We originally hoped to start at sunrise on the beach, but the weather had other plans. From the photos below, taken in my studio as…

  • Roman and Julie

    Roman and Julie

    A sunny Sunday and a happy couple. That’s my idea of a weekend.

  • Meet At the Tree

    Meet At the Tree

    A big tree and warm sunlight.