TJ and Jess’s Formals

I’m hard at work preparing the photos for the recent wedding of TJ and Jess. However, I am so in love with their Bride and Groom formal portraits that I had to share them first!

The wedding took place at Hale Farm and Village, a historic reenactment village and a still-functioning farm. The bride choose this location because for a time in her life she worked as a butter-churner at the farm.









2 responses to “TJ and Jess’s Formals”

  1. I am Jessica’s Aunt…the one that you took a picture of in black & white with me putting Jessica’s necklace on. I LOVE these pictures and everyone that I’ve shown them to, also loves them! I was wondering…would you happen to have the picture of Jessica & I (while I’m putting on her necklace) in color?

    The pictures are truly beautiful. You did a phenominal job!

  2. Hi Elfriede!

    I’ll be sending TJ and Jess all the images from that weekend sometime next month. That image (in color) will be included.

    Thanks for the compliments!

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