Whitsundays: Infrared Landscapes

These are a few infrared images I took while at the Whitsunday Coast.

Infrared photography relies on light outside the visible spectrum. Just as a red flower is red because it strongly reflects red light, an object is brighter (or darker) in infrared photography based on how much infrared light it reflects. Foliage containing chlorophyll, which strongly reflects infrared light, is bright, while open sky, which reflects blue light but very little infrared light, is very dark. This creates an interesting reversal of tones; instead of a light sky and dark foliage, the sky is very dark and foliage glows brightly. Photographers can take advantage of this tone reversal to create an eerie or ethereal feeling.

2 responses to “Whitsundays: Infrared Landscapes”

  1. Doug these photos are fantastic- I love this! Would look great on my wall… ;)

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