An Island of Infrared

My weekend was absolutely fantastic. I was able to spend some long overdue time with my family at my Grandparents’ home in Ohio. Several decades ago, when my father was a teenager my grandparents purchased a humble plot of land in rural north-east Ohio. After creating an artificial lake as a border, and decades of home improvement, DIY landscaping, and extensive gardening the result is the beautiful Peterson Island.

This wonderful environment was the perfect opportunity to test out a new camera: a Phase One P45+ Infrared Modified Digital Back. This is a 39 megapixel digital camera designed specifically to capture infrared light. I’ve previously blogged about the basics of infrared photography when I captured Infrared Landscapes of Australia’s Northern Coast. Previously however, all of my infrared work had been done with a point and shoot digital camera when traveling, or infrared film when shooting locally. Using this camera brought my love of infrared photography to a whole new level.



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