Natalia & Zach – Doorways

Having recently moved from Miami to New York by way of a short stint in Boston I’m glad to be booking New York weddings on a consistent basis now. Natalia and Zach are not the first in New York State wedding, or New York City wedding I’ve shot, but they were the first wedding I’ve done photography for in Manhattan.

The schedule and impending weather only gave us 10 minutes for the portraits of the bride and groom. During scouting my assistant found a series of doors that were beautiful, graphically simple (allowing the focus of the image to remain on the happy couple), and very emblematic of the neighborhood. Something about the whole theme reminded me of the band OK Go. As a bonus we passed “love stories suck” graffitied on the wall and I knew instantly this bride would appreciate the irony. This is an example of where my insistence on getting to know the bride and groom pays off; it’s not an image that would work for every bride. We managed to shoot several sets and have the bride and groom back in our allotted 10 minutes, nary a drop of rain on them.

You can see the entire wedding and order prints on my Zenfolio page.


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