A Visit to Phase One in Denmark

Following Photokina last year I was honored by an invitation to visit the Copenhagen, Denmark headquarters of Phase One. Confidentiality prevents me from posting or discussing much of what I saw there, but I do have a few interesting images to share.

The ferry that carried my train from mainland Europe to Denmark across the Køge Bugt (bay).
I got lost trying to enter the building since one wing is under construction.
The entire facility was decorated with customer images and everyone showed great pride in both the quality of hardware & software as well as what customers have created using it.
Apparently made as a trade-show giveaway by a Mamiya Distributor this can of Mamiya branded soda had me in stitches.
I can’t remember if they said that only a very small number of Light Phases were ever made in a Mamiya mount, or if they said that only test models were made. Regardless this is the only one I’ve ever seen.

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