Bodyscape Social Selection for Manege Gallery (Russia)

I have been asked by Марина Джигарханян the Head of the Department of Contemporary Art at the “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, to exhibit my bodyscape collection at the Saint-Petersburg Photo Vernissag. This invitation-only photo exhibit, will be hung in September 2010 in St. Petersburg Russia. For the selection of my images to show I am going to depend heavily upon the process of social selection.

Here is the theme of the show (note: English is a 2nd language for the curator):
At the heart of fashion lies an individual style, and her world – a self-contained space, absorbing a wide range of phenomena. Through them a man expresses his attitude to external forms of culture: lifestyle, serving and table manners, cars, clothing, thus trying to show their place in society, their sexuality, location, class, status level and belonging to a particular group. Photocamera gives us an opportunity to capture different aspects of fashion, its endless cyclicism and change of artistic images, which always embody the era image in a clothing. This subject gives participants a wide opportunities for philosophical reflections and artistic self-expression.

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3 responses to “Bodyscape Social Selection for Manege Gallery (Russia)”

  1. Great work as always, Doug. “Ocean Storm” is spectacular in the way the name fits and how the light hitting the woman’s back. “Singular Patch” is great because of its simplicity. Good luck in Saint Petersburg.

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I came across your website by accident because I was looking for photos done by Edward Weston. Your nude photos are absolutely stunning.

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