Nude Landscapes and Nude Abstracts

Creating compelling images using nothing but the human body and lighting is challenging. Any sexuality or awkwardness is obscured by the constant struggle to find interesting lines, shapes, and textures.

In both of these shoots I used two cameras. The first was a point and shoot digital camera which I used mainly to evaluate lighting and composition. The second was an 8″x10″ film view camera. Being 8×10 this film has 80 sq. inches, a full 60 times more than 35mm. The resulting image is around 100-200 megapixels. This quality is why digital cameras won’t displace film in applications requiring top-quality for quite some time. In fact, a group of photo nerds has modified an air force aerial camera to produce 1000+ megapixel images.

These models have given permission to have the images used in this blog. Please respect their privacy by not reproducing these images without my explicit permission.

Please Note: Artistic Nude Images are Shown After the Jump


One response to “Nude Landscapes and Nude Abstracts”

  1. “Candidate 4” and “Candidate 5” are a definite must keeps! And “Candidate 12” is a very close runner up. Beautiful shots.
    I assume you sell these shots? How much and what sizes are they available in?
    I look forward to your reply –

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